Private Fears in Public Places

The Network Theatre, November 6-10, 2012
First performed in 2004, Private Fears in Public Places is a brilliant dark comedy which traces the lives of six Londoners over a few days as their meandering connections to one another weave a complex storyline that involves romance, pornography, religion, family secrets, friendship and personal loss.

Dan and Nicola are in a long term relationship that is suffering following Dan’s questionable discharge from military service. He spends his days at his local bar with Ambrose, the barman.
Stewart, Nicola’s real estate agent, fancies his religious co-worker Charlotte, who has a dark secret. She moonlights as a temporary carer, hired by Ambrose to care for his sick father.
And then there is Stewart’s sister, Imogen, who is looking for love and goes on endless number of blind dates.
Temptation, faith, loyalty and family bonds will be tested and while Ayckbourn masterly unravels the intricate story to a clear conclusion, the audience will be left to ponder on a few unanswered questions…
About Alan Ayckbourn
Sir Alan Ayckbourn is regarded as one of Britain’s most acclaimed playwrights. With 76 plays under his belt (and the title “the most prolific English writer ever”) his plays continue to entertain audiences around the world since the 60’s to this day. He is the most performed living English playwright, and the second most performed of all time after Shakespeare.
“A comedy about six Londoners leading lives of quiet desperation, it is rueful, funny, touching and altogether wonderful.” – The New York Times
“One of his recent best… Ayckbourn has not lost his rare, undervalued gift for comic compassion.” – The Guardian
The play is directed by the RBS Theatre Company’s Chairman, Edo Avraham, who directed our 2012 successful musical production of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.
Performance Dates: November 6-10, 2012, 19:30
Duration: 2h and 15min (inc. Intermission)
Venue: The Network Theatre, 246A Lower Road, Waterloo Station, London SE1 8SF
The Network Theatre is a 72-88 seat venue located within Waterloo station.
Doors will open shortly after 19:00.
The Network Theatre runs a small bar which will be available before and after the play, and during intermission.


Kat Malseed – Miss Nicola Tressler
Nick Edwards – Stewart
Will Gunston – Dan
Paul Eckersall – Ambrose
Stacie Hassler – Miss Charlotte Pierce
Grace Ross – Imogen
Johnny Lyons – Arthur

Voices on TV

Announcer – Andy Rooney
Marilyn Dimchurch – Sarah Lalin
Martin Sale – Philip Maton
Woman 1 – Stacie Hassler
Norman Longstaff David – Wickenden
Woman 2 – Kathleen Alston
Television’s News Anchorman – Robin Abrams
Television’s Historian – Chris Hockey
Television’s Soap Girl – Kathleen Alston
Rebecca Smart – Anne Greenslade

Production Crew

Edo Avraham – Director, Producer
Callun Lewis – Lighting Designer
Kathleen Alston – Stage Manager
Carrie Eggleton – Lighting Operator
Edo Avraham – Sound Editor, Sound Operator, Graphic Designer
Tony Langford, Graham Colgate – Photography
Kathleen Alston, Levent Ergin, Carrie Eggleton, Nicholas Cook, Edo Avraham – Set Building
Richard Green, James Clarke, Giles Burden, Maureen Johnson, Daniel Oliver – Front of House Team


Rehearsals location: Aldgate Union Building, B2 floor (Presentation Rooms), E1 8DX