Jack The Ripper – The Musical

The Southwark Playhouse, 28-31 October 2009
Book and Lyrics by Ron Pember and Denis de Marne
Music by Ron Pember

Jack the Ripper – The Musical  is a musical mystery thriller reconstructing incidents based upon the East End murders in 1888. Through the story we meet girls working the street, dockers waiting for the next ship to arrive and salvationists trying to rescue their souls.

To illustrate these lives and the story of people living in fear of death, we cut throughout the play to the Music Hall stage, where parodies, torch songs, melodramas and comedy acts are played out. As the play continues, Music Hall and reality merge so that it becomes unclear which is which.


Helen McSorley – Marie Kelly/Music Hall Soubrette
Rose Mitchell – Lizzie Stride
Kathryn Haering – Polly Anne Nicholls
Gemma Rushton – Annie Chapman
Charlotte Gilkes – Martha Tabram
Ben Gill – Montague Druitt
Paul Harper – Chairman
Lee Ford – Daniel Mendoza
Daniel Oliver – Slop Wallace
Edo Avraham – Bluenose Stack
Adam Hillmore – Dinky Nine-Eights
Clive Stott – Police Sergeant Coles
Emma Bentley – Company
Sam Cantle – Company
Rachel Clark – Company
Josy Cousin – Company
Angela Phillips – Company
Clair Rava – Company
Annie Roberts – Company
Raquel Romero – Company
Liza Saunders – Company

The Production Team
Andy Locke – Director
Giles Burden – Producer

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