The Network Theatre, 17-20 August 2010
A Play by Molière
Adapted by Roger McGough
Directed by Lia Buddle
Location: France
Time: the Present

The play is set in the home of Orgon, the head of a wealthy, well-respected family which enjoys both ­financial and political success. His two children – Damis and Mariane – both hope to marry soon yet still live at the family home, along with their young and beautiful stepmother, Elmire, and her brother, Cléante. Taking care and often charge of everyone is Dorine, the family maid.

Engulfed by the insecurity of middle-age, Orgon has become increasingly religious and has befriended an apparently sanctimonious and impoverished man named Tartu‑e whom he met whilst in church. Orgon has such respect for Tartuffe’s pious ways that he has invited him to stay with his family.

While Orgon devotes more of his attention to celestial matters, he leaves Tartu‑e to protect his wealth and wife. Despite protestations from his family Orgon fails to see the danger in the seemingly noble religious man who has other plans for Orgon’s worldly assets. And as with all sordid outrageous family a‑airs, the only place where such things can be resolved properly these days is on TV…

Lee Ford – Orgon
Matthew Pert – Tartufe
Heather Mullins – Dorine
Kim Arbuckle – Elmire
Edo Avraham – Cléante
Richard Killip – Damis
Selina Tindall – Mariane
Daniel Oliver – Valère
Rachel Clark – Mme Pernelle
Maureen Johnson – Flipote
Giles Burden – Norman Loyal
Lia Buddle – Officer
Gar­field Thompson – Jeremy King


The Production Team
Lia Buddle – Director
Giles Burden – Producer
Richard Hogg – Lighting Designer
Katie Collins – Stage Manager
Kathy Haering – Deputy Stage Manager
Neil Renaud – Lighting and Sound Operator
Andrew Dinnie – Front of House Manager

An amateur production presented by arrangement with United Artists Limited