General Committee Members

General Committee Members

Giles Burden

Giles Burden joined the RBS Theatre Company in Mid 2008 as a general committee member. Giles’ background is the technical side of theatre and production and has supported productions across London, Edinburgh and the West Midlands including Chicago, Pheadra’s Love and Return to the Forbidden Planet . Also a competent sound engineer, Giles has toured with a variety of music acts including Scissor Sisters, Fun Loving Criminals and Supergrass. In his spare time Giles has attained qualifications in sound and lighting design, music production and pyrotechnics. Outside theatre Giles is an avid socialiser, enjoying live music, film and festivals.
His production roles included:
Teechers (2011) – Producer, Stage Manager , Sound Operator
Tartuffe (2010) – Producer
Jack The Ripper – The Musical (2009) – Producer
Little Shop of Horrors (2008) – Stage Manager
As an actor:
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change (2012) – Ensemble
Tartuffe (2010) – Norman Loyal
Jack The Ripper – The Musical (2009) – The Shadow of Jack The Ripper


Kathleen Alston

Kathleen has been working in RBS Banking Group since 2010 in the Retail sector as an advisor whilst studying for her History BA. She joined the RBS Theatre Group in the summer of 2011 and has had chances to get involved both on and off stage. Before joining the RBS Theatre Company Kathleen’s roles included Cadmus and Semele in The Bacchae and various roles in Vassily Sigarev’s Black Milk in college productions. In her spare time Kathleen enjoys writing, costume design, archery and studying the Martial Art of Ninjutsu where she hopes to get one of the three black belts required for stunt doubling.
Her acting roles included:
Teechers (2011) – Simone “Piggy” Patterson / Kevin Foster
Her production roles included:
Private Fears in Public Places (2012) – Stage Manager
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change (2012) – Deputy Stage Manager and Costumes


Carrie Eggleton

Carrie got involved with the RBS in 2012 as a backstage hand for I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change. Originally from Canada Carrie works in branch banking and ice-skates poorly.
Her production roles included:
Private Fears in Public Places (2012) – Lighting Operator
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change (2012) – Lighting Operator and Costumes


Duties of each General Committee Member include:

  • Votes in all decisions put to vote
  • Suggests new shows/ideas
  • Represents opinions from the Company members
  • To be all-round volunteer for tasks as delegated by the Chairman